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Our aim is to help you make better decisions about many aspects of your business.

  • Investment in new plant
  • Evaluating the potential for a new product or service
  • Profile of current markets and how they are changing
  • Monitoring performance of competitors
  • Acquisition and diversification
  • Your market reputation and how it can be improved

We provide information, perspectives, and practical advice.

A selection of the projects carried out for private clients in the past few years is listed below.

  • Ambient processed wet foods
    - Industry trends in Latin America
  • Beverage cans
    - Cost analysis and trends
  • Beverage packs
    - Retailer attitudes world survey
  • Blow moulding of HDPE bottles
    - Market for management of in-house production facilities
  • Chemical sterilisation of packaging
    - European markets
  • Milk Products new pack
    - Technical and market requirements
  • Packaging Safety
    - Impact of possible presence of 'trace' chemicals in various food and beverage packs
  • Retort pouches
    - Technical and cost comparison with alternative packs
  • Tinplate prices
    - Trends in Europe and America
  • Yoghurt and desserts packaging
    - Market and technical trends Germany and Italy

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