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Our most recent published report is:

  • Global Aseptic Packaging 2015
    This report is published jointly with Zenith International
    Published October 2015

To view extracts from the report see: Global Markets for Aseptic Packaging Report Extracts

To order the report, please go to zenithinternational.com

Warrick Research has experience of aseptic packaging markets going back over 20 years. Zenith has partnered with Warrick Research on this Global Aseptic Packaging report, bringing its expertise in the beverage industry and the dairy industry.

This report will help packaging material suppliers, packaging converters, equipment suppliers and filling companies to plan their future development in the dynamic aseptic packaging market.

The Global Aseptic Packaging report 2015 covers:

  • Global study of aseptic packaging use by country (40 countries covered), includes 2011 - 2014 data, plus 2015 estimates and 2020 forecasts
  • Material usage - carton board, PE, PET, foil. Tonnages, forecast to 2020
  • Competitive position of aseptic filling against alternative systems, including cost comparison
  • Packaging and technical developments in aseptic packaging and processing
  • Aseptic filling equipment supplier profiles (over 30 suppliers covered)

The Global Aseptic Packaging report 2015 is based on in-depth interviews with food and drink processors, equipment suppliers and packaging suppliers, in addition to comprehensive analysis of internal data, published data, and other third party sources.

The report provides detailed analysis of the use of aseptic packaging for the following product categories:

  • White Liquid Milk
  • Other Dairy Products
  • Beverages
  • Food Products

'Other Dairy products' includes Flavoured Milk, Cream and creamers, Desserts and Yoghurts, Drinking Yoghurt, Evaporated and Condensed Milk, Thick Shake base and Soft Ice Mix, Baby Milk, Dairy Alternatives

'Beverages' includes Juices and Nectars, Juice Drinks(inc still flavoured water), Sports and Energy Drinks, RTD Tea and Coffee

'Food Products' include Soups and Sauces, Tomato Products, Baby Foods

Aseptic packaging use is examined by pack type split by:

  • Cartons (500ml and over; up to 499ml)
  • HDPE bottles (500ml and over; up to 499ml)
  • PET bottles (500ml and over; up to 499ml)
  • Plastic pouches (500ml and over; up to 499ml)
  • Plastic pots (50ml and over; under 50ml)
  • Bag in box
  • Other - glass, cans, aerosol, stick packs

Countries covered:

  • North America Canada, USA
  • Latin America Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Peru
  • West Europe Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Spain, UK
  • East Europe Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Russia, Slovakia, Ukraine
  • Asia Pacific Australia, Japan, Pakistan, Korea, Taiwan
  • South and South East Asia India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Pakistan, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam
  • China
  • Middle East and Africa Algeria, Egypt, Israel, Kenya, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Turkey, UAE

The report also includes regional summaries, and an overview of the world market.

To view extracts from the report see: Global Markets for Aseptic Packaging Report Extracts
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